“To stop in the middle of a process is …”, Simplified Insurance Bureau advertising postcard, unknown artist, c. 1930.

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"To stop in the middle of a https://www.oldtokyo.com/wp-admin/edit.phpprocess is ...", c. 1930.

“To stop in the middle of a process is the same as dropping a vessel you have worked so hard to create.” Unknown artist, Simplified Insurance Bureau advertising postcard, c. 1930. The Postal Life Insurance Service (Kampo) originally provided simple, small life policies. When it began in 1916, there were two products – whole life insurance and endowment insurance – and they were limited in size to serve lower-income households that supposedly were not being served by private-sector firms.

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“The Postal Life Insurance Bureau, the predecessor of Japan Post Insurance, was founded in 1916.

“Created with the social mission of ‘protecting the means of fundamental livelihood of the public through simple procedures,’ the Postal Life Insurance Bureau fulfilled its role of ensuring the stability of people’s lives by providing an insurance system available at relatively affordable fees with simple enrollment procedures and no medical examination.

“Although more than a century has passed since our founding, our mission to support the lifestyles of people through insurance has not changed, despite our transformation from a government-run to a private corporation in line with changes in the times.

“Japan Post Insurance will continue to deliver insurance services as a means of security to customers nationwide through the network of post offices rooted in the community, thereby protecting the well-being of each and every customer with the power of insurance.”

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