Korakuen Ice Palace & Korakuen Stadium, Korakuen Sports Center, Tokyo, 1964.

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Korakuen Ice Palace (left foreground), Korakuen Roller Skate Center (right foreground) & Korakuen Stadium (background), Korakuen Sports Center, Tokyo, 1964, adjacent to Korakuen Amusement Park. Back-caption: “The most popular sports yard in Tokyo. There [is a] swimming pool, ice skating rink, roller rink, bowling center, and baseball field.” Along with neon advertisements for Meiji brand chocolates and caramels, and Ricoh cameras, the Ice Palace is also advertising “Holiday on Ice ’64”, with performances from April 26-June 9. The Tokyo Dome, in 1998, would be built on this site.

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Korakuen Amusement Park, c. 1960.
Korakuen Stadium, c. 1960

“Because of its wide variety of attractions, Tokyo should be able to retain tourists for an average of 3 to 4 days.

“In promoting Tokyo, emphasis should be placed on the following: Energetic people and crowded streets, the Ginza, stores and shopping, the Imperial Palace (particularly as a symbol), the food market and the food center near the Ginza, nightclubs outside the Ginza, the colorful and exciting Korakuen Sports Center, large musical shows, and the Kabuki and Noh theaters.”

The Future of Tourism in the Pacific and Far East, by Checchi and Company, 1961

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