Korakuen Stadium, c. 1960

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“On yet another level is the annual National Intercity Amateur Tournament, another traditional diamond classic, held in mid-summer at Korakuen Stadium in Tokyo. Here, industrial teams from throughout the country compete for ten days, as colorful rooting sections representing the cities and enterprises participating in the event perform stunts and dances typical of the teams’ home cities or area.”

Japan Report, Japan Information Service Consulate General of Japan (New York), Vol. 20 No. 24, December 16, 1974

Korakuen Stadium. c. 1960.

Korakuen Stadium, Tokyo, c. 1960, with the stands full of spectators for the annual National Intercity Amateur [Baseball] Tournament hosted at Korakuen Stadium, best known as the home field of Japan’s perennial professional baseball champions, the Yomiuri Giants.

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“Korakuen Stadium was completed in 1937 and primarily used for baseball (the Yomiuri Giant’s home field) until 1988 when the stadium was replaced by the Tokyo Dome sitting on the site of the former Velodrome. Korakuen ballpark had a capacity of 50,000 people.

“In 1942 Korakuen Stadium played host to a memorable 28 inning, 311 pitch, complete game effort by Michio Nishizawa. On August 16, 1976, it hosted the first NFL game played outside of North America when the St. Louis Cardinals defeated the San Diego Chargers 20-10 in a preseason game before 38,000. It also hosted the Mirage Bowl.

“The stadium was also used as a concert venue for superstars. This included the all-day ‘For Freedom’ show, on April 4, 1978, which was the marathon farewell performance by Candies, a top Japanese girl group of the time.

“Michael Jackson opened the Bad World Tour — his first tour as a solo artist — with three sold-out concerts at the stadium, with total attendance of 135,000.”


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