Crown Prince Hirohito’s Return to Japan from Europe, 1921.

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Preparing the reception gate for the return of Crown Prince Hirohito from Europe, Yokohama, 1921.

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Crown Prince Hirohito’s Tour of Europe, 1921.

All Japan Cheers Hirohito’s Return

“TOKIO, Sept. 3 (Associated Press) – The return of Crown Prince Hirohito today from his tour of Europe was accompanied by national rejoicing never before equaled. The greater part of the navy met the warships conveying the Crown Prince’s party off Southern Japan and escorted them to Yokohama, where many thousands lined the waterside.

Crown Prince Hirohito’s return to Tokyo from his tour of Europe, 1921.

“For the first time in the history of Japan, the people cheered the Crown Prince and waved handkerchiefs, as is done in Occidental countries.

“The newspapers printed special welcoming editions containing congratulatory messages from prominent persons.

“These emphasized the success of the ‘history-making tour’ in the advancement of friendly relations with the various powers, declaring it had accomplished much in dispelling the misunderstanding abroad of the Japanese and Japan generally.

“They asserted that the journey augured much for the future happiness and prosperity of the empire. Some of the contributors declared Hirohito to be a reincarnation of the great Emperor Mutsuhito [Meiji].”

The New York Times, September 5, 1921

Crown Prince Hirohito’s return to Tokyo, 1921, with Tokyo Central Station and the steel framework of the under-construction Marunouchi Building seen in the distance.

Crown Prince Hirohito, return from European tour, 1921. Stern view of the pre-dreadnoght battleship Katori that carried the then-Crown Prince Hirohito and his entourage to and from Europe. Inset illustration is that of the young Crown Prince.

“The Crown Prince’s visit to five of the European countries has now come to its close, and His Highness has started home ward.

“When we left Japan, our people entertained some anxiety over the tour, and the nation prayed that this voyage might be successfully completed. Italy, and, in particular, this port of Naples, is the last stop in Europe.

“Now the Prince and we are bidding adieu to this land. Yonder appears Vesuvius and the city of Naples as we slowly sail out of the port, guarded by Italian destroyers.

“It seems as if Vesuvius and Naples were bidding us farewell on behalf of all Europe through which we have just passed.”

The Crown Prince’s European Tour, by Count Yoshinori Futara & Setsuzo Sawada, The Osaka Mainichi, 1921

Cover packaging for the Crown Prince tour itinerary of Europe commemorative postcard series, 1921.

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