Korakuen Amusement Park, c. 1960.

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The Korakuen Co., Ltd. was established in 1936 to construct a baseball stadium adjacent to Koshikawa Korakuen gardens, for the exclusive use of a professional team. It soon became the home field of the mighty Yomiuri Giants. In the post-war era, in the summer of 1955, an urban-style mechanized amusement park began operations as Korakuen Amusement Park. One of the main amusement attractions from day-one was the “Jet Coaster” roller coaster, which remained in operation until 2000.

Jet Coaster became a foreign “loan word” (tokushuon) to describe any roller coaster in Japan. The nation’s oldest “jet coaster” was erected at Hanayashiki, Asakusa Park, in 1953 by TOGO, the company also responsible for the Korakuen Jet Coaster.

Korakuen Amusement Park, Jet Tower, c. 1960.

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