Yokohama Pier, c. 1920.

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Yokohama Pier, c. 1920.

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“The vessel now lets go her anchor outside of the [Yokohama] breakwater, while the Health Office Inspection is carried out, after which she proceeds within the harbour and berths alongside the pier, in the Customs Docks, or anchors some distance from the shore, in which latter case passengers and their baggage are conveyed to the Hatoba (Landing-stage) by steam-launches. On landing, passengers must attend to the Custom House examination of their baggage, before proceeding to their destination.

“Hotels are within a few minutes’ drive (jinrikishas always in waiting; also carriage or automobile from hotels), or one may go direct to Tokyo without stopping at Yokohama, by driving to Yokohama Station (restaurant on the second floor); there are 36 train runs daily between Yokohama and Tokyo.”

An Official Guide to Eastern Asia, Vol. 3, Imperial Japanese Railways, 1914

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  1. I really like this oldtokyo, the layout is very beautiful and clean. Thank you to share the old photos of Yokohama and stories, my great-grandfather 黃焯民 was living in Yamashita chou in 1900s

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