Marunouchi Hotel, Tokyo, c. 1925-1960.

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Marunouchi Hotel, c. 1930.

Marunouchi Hotel, c. 1930.

The Marunouchi Hotel opened its doors in 1924, conveniently located 1/2-block from the north concourse of Tokyo Central Station, and was popular from the mid-1920s into the 1990s with out-of-town visitors doing business in the Marunouchi office district. During the Occupation (1945-1952), the hotel was requisitioned by Allied forces for use as officer billets.

Marunouchi Hotel, c. 1925.

Marunouchi Hotel, c. 1925.

“Hotel Marunouchi, located on ‘W’ Avenue and 4th Street, close to the Tokyo Central Station, is a good-sized place with 139 rooms, well patronized by Americans.

“Handily situated on the opposite side of the avenue is the Supper Club Marunouchi, with a dance orchestra and elaborate floor shows. On Thursday evenings the hotel puts on entertainment of its own, on its own premises.”

All the Best in Japan, Sydney Clark, 1958

Marunouchi Hotel, Lounge, c. 1950.

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  1. I am a photographer from India.
    My father was doctor in the Royal Indian Army Medical Corps (RIAMC) during World War II and served in Japan as a part of the Allied Occupation Forces.
    I have recently scanned many old negatives of Japan. They include Torii gates, Pagodas, Itsukushima shrine of Miyajima Island and so on, in order to preserve them digitally.
    Can you kindly help me identify them in order to preserve the Japanese heritage?

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