Court of Honour, Japan-British Exhibition, London, 1910

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“[The Japan-British Exhibition] ought to cement and make greater and more lasting friendship between the two great Empires. That Exhibition did that in many ways, but, as had been pointed out so often, the Empires were two great Island Empires; and, therefore, the sea – though in one sense it seemed to separate them – in another sense ought to be a special bond of intercourse between.” – The Duke of Norfolk, President of the Japan-British Exhibition

The Japan-British Exhibition of 1910: Gateway to the Island Empire of the East, by A. Hotta-Lister, 2013

From the wiki: “The Japan-British Exhibition of 1910 took place at White City, London in Great Britain from 14 May 1910 to 29 October 1910.

“It was the largest international exposition that the Empire of Japan had participated in to date, and was driven by a desire of Japan to develop a more favorable public image in Great Britain following the renewal of the Anglo-Japanese Alliance. It was also hoped that the display of manufactured products would lead to increased Japanese trade with Britain.

“By the time the event closed on October 29, over 8 million visitors had attended.”

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