Kaishiki No. 1 biplane & Yamada dirigible, c. 1911.

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“The Kaishiki No.1 (kaishikiichigouki) was the first successful Japanese-designed and constructed airplane. It was built by Captain Yoshitoshi Tokugawa, and was first flown by him on October 13, 1911 at Tokorozawa airfield in Saitama Prefecture.

“Today, there is a replica displayed in the Tokorozawa Aviation Museum, located near the place where the aircraft’s first flight took place.”


Biplane Kaishiki No. 1 and Yamada dirigible, c. 1912.

Yamada dirigible (left) and Kaishiki No. 1 biplane (right), c. 1911.

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“Aviation has not yet progressed far in Japan but Captain Hino and Captain Tokugawa have made several successful flights with foreign machines, Wright and Farman biplanes, Bleriot and Grade monoplanes. Captain Tokugawa, who has the best record here, went fifty miles in one hour and five minutes.

“This flight took place twenty-three miles from Tokyo at Tokorozawa, the only aviation grounds in the East. Mr I. Yamada has made an airship after his own design and has made repeated attempts with it but has not yet succeeded in attaining good results.”

Aircraft, July 1911

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