Hiogo Baptist Church, c. 1910.

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Hiogo Baptist Church, Kobe, c. 1910.

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“At Hiogo we have had quite a revival during the year.

“The preaching place became altogether too small to contain the crowds that attended the meetings. It would have done your heart good one night last spring to see twenty-three persons rise from their seats and come forward for special prayer and inquiry. I was simply compelled to enlarge the place, as we could not possibly secure another place in the immediate neighborhood. We have now doubled the capacity of the present place and still the crowds continue.

“I have baptized eighteen candidates at this place during the year and a number are now awaiting examination. Seventy-two baptisms in this station during the past year cause us to be truly grateful; and the financial gain is equally encouraging, as the people have given to the work more this year than ever before.”

“Japan: Revivals at Kobe”, by R.A. Thomson, The Baptist Missionary Magazine, November 1908

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