Heiwa Lighthouse, Enoshima, c. 1960.

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Heiwa Lighthouse, Enoshima, c. 1960. Heiwa Lighthouse was replaced in 2003 by the Enoshima Sea Candle. Back-caption: “The tower was 43 meters high and stairs reached a glass-walled observation tower which provided a spectacular view of the entire Shonan area and the Izu area. The lighthouse on top had an 800,000-candle power spotlight.”

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Enoshima, c. 1910-1960.
Katase Beach, Enoshima, 1910-1960.

“I often took my two daughters for a walk to Enoshima, a good thirty minutes along the beach. There was a long bridge spanning the shallow water to the island. The bridge led to a narrow street, with all kinds of shops on either side and vendors crying and gesturing potential customers into their stores.

Aerial view of Cocking Botanical Garden, looking toward Fujisawa, c. 1960, from atop Heiwa Tower.

“At the end of the street a long flight of steps led to the Enoshima Shrine. And, of course, there was a red torii, which always symbolizes the shrine.

“Past the shrine, up more steep steps, heaving and puffing, we arrived at the summit, on which there was a high tower, which commanded an enchanting view of the green hills of the mainland, the blue water of the sea rippling and changing colors each moment, and Mt. Fuji in the distance.

“Looking straight down we could see tiny figures of men and women. A steep ladder led to a room with a big lens. This tower was also a lighthouse, shedding its light far out over the dark bay.”

Suzuki Changed My Life, by Masaaki Honda, 1976

Heiwa Tower, on Enoshima, c. 1960.

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