Interiors, Tokyo Central Station, Tokyo, c. 1914.

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Entrance foyer and ticketing area interior, Tokyo Central Station, 1914.

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“A Tokyo paper reports that the interior decoration of the Central Railway Station, the entire outward form of which was completed a few weeks ago , is now being pushed on under the supervision of Dr. Tatsuno. The decorative work inside will combine many features representing the highest art of the leading artists of Japan.

Looking up at the central cupola’s octagonal ceiling, Tokyo Central Station, 1914.

“Entering the front main entrance, one finds himself in a spacious hall of 30 tsubo paved with gray marble and with no ceiling except the lofty roof. The ceiling has at its four corner stained glass-windows representing the deified forms of a dragon, a tiger, a bird, and a tortoise. The walls will be decorated with mural paintings based on ancient Japanese myths. This work will shortly be begun under the direction of Mr. Kiyoteru Kuroda and Mr. Eisaku Wada. The waiting rooms for passengers take parts of the central hall.

“There is a waiting room of 30 tsubo at either side of the central hall, connected by a corridor. These side halls will be placed at the disposal of the Imperial suite when the Emperor passes through the station. The floors of those rooms are mosaic work in wood. The walls of the right side room are covered with silk cloth with designs of bamboo plants, while silk wall cloth of designs of plum flowers has been chosen for the walls of the other side room. The ceilings of these rooms are worked in a checker-board design with hinoki [Japanese cypress].

“… A large cloisonné work representing a sunrise is hung on the wall above by mantelpiece. The design was drawn by Mr. Sobun of Kyoto, and made by the Ando factory of the same city, devoting half a year to the work.

“The chairs, tables, and other articles of furniture will be decorated in novel designs combining Japanese taste and ideal of the Secessionist School. The curtains, alvaperies and portieres will be all stamped with the highest and best Japanese workmanship.”

The Japan Times, December 27, 1913

Tokyo Station, platforms, c. 1915.

Tokyo Station, platforms, c. 1915.

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