26th Voyage of the T.S. “Shintoku Maru”, c. 1935.

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“MARSHFIELD, June 25 – (UP) – Coos Bay has had as visitors this week – the officers and 60 cadets of the Shintoku Maru, a Japanese training ship. The ‘five-and-ten’ lady reports the young Nipponese have been searching her store for souvenirs of America but have had difficulty in finding anything that wasn’t ‘Made in Japan.'”

Corvallis Gazette, June 28, 1935

Kobe Nautical College, J.S. Shintoku Maru, 1935

“Voyage No. 26,” T.S. [Training Ship] Shintoku Maru, Kobe Nautical College, 1935. The maritime training ship sailed from Japan across the Pacific Ocean to Coos Bay, Oregon in 1935, and returned to Japan via Kahului, Hawaii. Kobe Nautical College was founded in 1917 as the privately-owned Kawasaki Merchant Marine School. It was upgraded to public school status in 1920 and renamed. In 1952, the merchant marine college was nationalized and renamed yet again the Kobe University of Mercantile Marine. It was fully integrated into Kobe University in 2003.

“The construction of the training ship Shintoku Maru for the Kobe Nautical College, a 2700-ton 4-masted barquentine owned by the Japanese Ministry of Transport, was completed at the Mitsubishi Shipyard, Kobe, in March 1924. In June 1945 she was bombed and sank. Shintoku Maru was then raised in August 1946 and repaired, and began service again as a training ship.

“In 1962, Shintoku Maru was retired and docked. In 1977, the ship was laid-up on the grounds of the Kobe Merchant Marine Training School as an historic maritime exhibit. The Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake of 1995 caused enough severe damage to the vessel that it was dismantled.”


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