“Shinyo Maru”, T.K.K. Line, c. 1930.

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T.K.K. Line, Shinyo Maru, c. 1930.

“Palm House,” Shinyo Maru, c. 1930.

NOTE: Not to be confused with the notorious Pacific War-era POW “hell ship” of the same name, launched in 1891 for the Clan Line (UK) and christened the SS Clan Mackay. Sold along the way to various other shipping companies, the “hell ship” did not come into Japanese possession until 1941 – five years after the scrapping of the Shinyo Maru described below.

“Toyo Kisen Kaisha is the largest steamship company operating between San Francisco, Japan, and the Orient. It maintains fast and frequent service across the Pacific, following the Pathway of the Sun along the semi-tropic route.

“This is one of the most delightful ocean voyages in the world, as it carries the passenger over smooth seas and, by touching at Honolulu, affords a pleasant break in the journey.

“The steamers of this line are of the very most-advanced types, having been built especially for this service. The present fleet of the North American line consists of the following: Shinyo Maru, triple-screw, [displacing] 22,000-tons ; Siberia Maru, 20,000-tons, twin-screw; Tenyo Maru, triple-screw, 22,000-tons; and Korea Maru, twin-screw, 20,000-tons.

“The Tenyo and Shinyo Maru are sister ships of 22,000 tons displacement. They are driven by triple-screw turbine engines which account for an utter absence of vibration, and a speed of 21 knots per hour .These ships are as finely equipped in every detail as the best first-class hotels on shore, and leave nothing to be desired in service or table. The total length of the deck area measures almost a mile, giving ample opportunity for exercise and promenade.”

“Toyo Kisen Kaisha”, Japanese-American Trade Year Book, 1918

S.S. Shinyo Maru, c. 1920.

S.S. Shinyo Maru, c. 1920.

The Shinyo Maru was launched in 1911 at the Mitsubishi Dockyard & Engine Works, Nagasaki. In 1926, the ship was sold to Nippon Yusen K.K. (NYK). Laid up in 1932, Shinyo Maru was scrapped in 1936.

S.S. Shinyo Maru, c. 1920.

S.S. Shinyo Maru, c. 1920.

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