Osaka Electrical Exhibition, Osaka, 1926.

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Aerial view of the grounds of the Osaka Electrical Exhibition, Osaka, 1926. The upper-right inset is of H.I.H. Prince Kan-in, president of the exhibition.

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Tsutenkaku Tower, Osaka, c. 1930.

“A grand electrical exhibition, which is unprecedented, not only in Japan but also in the Far East, in points of grandness of the scale and the excellence of substance, is now under way in Osaka, Japan’s water metropolis, to be opened March 20, 1926, to last until May 31, under the auspices of the Electrical Association. The Exhibition will feature the development of electrical knowledge, industrial application of electricity, and promotion of electrical enterprises.

“All the commercial and industrial companies and people of Far Eastern countries, as well as those of European and American countries, have been invited to visit the exhibition and participate in it by sending their exhibits of electrical appliances and machineries under their control.

“It is intended by the Exhibition authorities to give users of electrical equipment and to the general public a better idea of the electrical industry in all its phases in Japan. To do this in the most effective manner, and to make it more instructive and interesting, it is planned that the actual methods of manufacture and operation of the article or its final use will be shown in such a way as to depict actual working conditions.

“… The Grand Electrical Exhibition is presided over by H.I.H. Prince Kan-in, who will be helped by Viscount K. Kiyoura, ex-Premier, and Baron K. Den, ex-Minister of Communications.

“The site of the exhibition extends to approximately 50 acres; it is divided into two places, the one at the harbour district, and the other on the Tennoji Park ground, both places being in the city of Osaka.”

‘The Electrical Exhibition at Osaka’, The Far Eastern Review, January 1926

Osaka Electrical Exhibition commemoration postcard, Osaka, 1926, picturing the significant developers (恩人, “patrons”) of electricity and electrical industries: Alexander Graham Bell, Michael Faraday, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, Werner von Siemens, and Guglielmo Marconi.

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