Juichi Sakamoto, Pioneer Aviator, c. 1914.

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“Civil flying activities continued during these pioneering days [1910-1914], and inspired the First Civil Flying Meet, sponsored by the newly formed Imperial Flying Association and the Asahi Shimbun (a Tokyo/Osaka newspaper) which took place on 13-14 June, 1914, at the Naruo Horse Race Track near Osaka.

“For the event, pilots were limited to those who had international pilot licenses, thus only five pilots competed. French-educated Tsunesaburo Ogita entered with his Morane-Saulnier monoplane; US-trained pilots Takayuki Takasou, Ikusnosuke Umino, and Juichi Sakamoto entered with their Curtiss pusher, Christofferson flying-boat, and Martin tractor, respectively. Before 270,000 spectators, the two-day competition recorded the longest flilght, which was 31min 22 sec, and the highest altitude, 2,004m (6,571ft).”

Japanese Aircraft, 1910-1941, by Robert C. Mikesh & ‎Shorzoe Abe, 1990

Sakamoto, aviator, c. 1914

Pioneer civilian aviator Juichi Sakamoto pictured with his Martin Model TT Tractor biplane , c. 1914.

“In observance of the anniversary of the founding of the Empire, and also in celebration of the anniversary of a magazine, Juichi Sakamoto, an aviator, was to have made some flights at Tokio on Feb 11 [1916]. In this connection, the Nikoniko Club advertised for women candidates who would go up on an aerial excursion with Mr. Sakamoto. The Club received 30 applications. Six of them were accepted, and they will be absolutely the first women to go up in the air in Japan. Their ages range from 20 to 24, and they are all daughters of respectable people. The event is expected to start in this country a new vogue of flight for women.”

Aerial Age Weekly, James E. Clark, March 20, 1916

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