Jozankei spa, Sapporo, Hokkaido, c. 1960.

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“Hot-spring in Jozankei Valley”, Sapporo, c. 1960. The history of the Jozankei Hot Springs dates back to 1866, when Miizumi Jozan, an ascetic monk, discovered the hot springs and opened a healing spa.

Jozankei Spa, Sapporo City, c. 1960. There are 56 hot springs in the Jyozankei district, with water temperatures averaging 60-80°C [140-175°F].

Jozankei Onsen spreads out along the banks of the Toyohira River that runs from Sapporo and is only a 50-minute drive away. Founded in in 1866 it is one of Hokkaido’s best-known hot springs areas. Visitors can either find accommodations in one of the inns or just enjoy the many different hot springs, including foot baths, on a day trip.

“Blessed with natural scenery, autumn brings the area fame for its bright crimson leaves while in winter, the countless lights from snow candles glittering at night in the resort town nestled in deep snow. An annual event in the winter is the yukitoro or snow lanterns creating a fantasy-like atmosphere.

“There are 56 hot springs in Jozankei Onsen and more than half of them bubble up naturally from openings in the rock bed and along the shores of the Toyohira River that runs down the middle of the resort. These are called sodium chloride springs; the water is transparent and contains natural salts. The salt in the water makes your skin feel soft and smooth after you get out of the bath and leaves you feeling warm for quite a while afterward. You can enjoy the baths at the various inns and hotels or one of the many foot and hand baths in the area!”

Hokkaido Vacations: Enjoy Jozankei Onsen Hot Springs in a Day Trip From Sapporo,

Night view of Jozankei spa, Sapporo, Hokkaido, c. 1960.

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