Ice skating at Lake Suwa, Nagano, c. 1930.

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“Pairs skating”. Ice skating at Lake Suwa, Nagano, c. 1930.

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Lake Suwa is the cradle of skating in Japan. Ever since 1907, when a skating exhibition was first given here, the lake has been very popular among lovers of skating in this country.

“One feature of this skating resort is that in the neighbourhood, as well as in one part of the lake, hot springs bubble up – a fact which, though it prevents the entire lake’s surface from becoming frozen, enables the visitor to enjoy both skating and bathing. Fine inns, though purely Japanese in style, are available at Lake Suwa.

“… Then we have two of the five lakes of Fuji, namely Yamanaka and Kawaguchi, where, weather permitting, good skating may be had. That attractive picture of Lake Yamagata with Mt. Fuji mirrored in the ice and a young man skating has done Japan yeoman service in her publicity work.

“… Lake Matsubara, about 120 miles north-west of Tokyo, is another sheet of water that provides good skating in mid-winter. The ice on this lake has the advantage of being so transparent that one can see green weeds through it, as well as dead tree branches lying on the bottom.”

Travel in Japan, Vol. 1 No. 2, Summer 1935

“Cinema stars” [“kinema sutaa”] ice skating at Lake Suwa, Nagano, c. 1930.

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