Yedogawa, Tokyo, c. 1910.

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Cherry Blossoms Yedogawa, c. 1910.

Cherry Blossoms Yedogawa, c. 1910.

“The Edogawa, a canal in the Koshikawa quarter, near the arsenal, is a mile of double blossoms doubled in beauty by reflection, and boats up and down this lane of flowers as the most beautiful of all cherry-blossom effects.”

“The Cherry Blossoms of Japan”, The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine, Volume 79, by Eliza Ruhamah Scidmore, 1910

Cherry Blossoms at Yedogawa, Tokyo, c. 1910.

“The banks of this river, along the S. side of which electric cars are run, present a fine view in late spring, when the cherry avenues that fringe the stream burst forth into a gorgeous display of blossoms.”

An Official Guide to Eastern Asia, Vol. III, by The Imperial Japanese Government Railways, 1914


Edogawa, c. 1910.

From the wiki: “During the Meiji era, the banks of the Edogawa (now, Kanda River) north of Iidabashi between Ishikiri bridge and Ryūkei bridge were considered to be one of the best O-hanami [cherry blossom viewing] sites in Tokyo. Other nearby place names derived from ‘Edogawa’ disappeared by 1966 but some remain, including Edogawa-bashi [Edo River bridge] and Edogawa Park. The canal has as its source two small lakes north of Ogikubo in suburban west Tokyo at Zenpukuji-koen [park] and Ichikishima shrine, and is named ‘Zenpukuji-gawa’ as the water winds its way east before being renamed ‘Kanda-gawa’ near Nakano, before entering the main stream of the Kanda River (canal) at Iidabashi.”

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