Veranda View of Kyoto, Miyako Hotel, c. 1910-1920.

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Veranda, Miyako Hotel, Kyoto, c. 1920.

“The veranda and its views, Miyako Hotel,” c. 1920.

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Miyako Hotel, Kyoto, c. 1910-1940

“A few hours journey by rail from Osaka brings one to the fascinating city of Kyoto where so much of the manufacturing work in embroideries, vases, tableware, and the like are brought to life. Here is to be found the most interesting and fascinating hostelry in Japan – the Miyako Hotel. Its location is fully three-quarters of an hour’s ride by rickshaw from the station but one is amply repaid for the journey.

“Situated on a hillside overlooking the city of Kyoto, the Miyako Hotel commands at once a position from which one may acquire an enlarged viewpoint of Japanese life and civilization. The building, built after Japanese architectural design, rambles for some distance along the hillside thus offering for every room occupant equal advantages for outside air and view. The dining service is charming. Daintily attired in the artistic Japanese costume, the little girl waitresses trip back and forth to serve the guests with truly Japanese art.”

“Short Journeys in Pacific Lands”, The Journal of Electricity, Vol. 40, February 15, 1918

View of Kyoto from Miyako Hotel, Kyoto, c. 1910.

“City birds-eye-view from Miyako-Hotel, Kyoto,” c. 1910.

“Coming into the city of Kyoto, the highway passes directly in front of the illustrious Miyako Hotel, one of the three finest in all Japan … It is so situated on the side of a mountain that every floor is a ‘ground floor,’ and the mountainside has been made into an enchanting Japanese garden, abundantly sprinkled with flora, fauna and bubbling brooks.

“… One of the outstanding features is the dining room, with immense windows overlooking the city, affording an excellent view of the surrounding mountains and the renowned Kyoto Torii. Mr Kawana, the hotel manager and former assistant manager at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo, will do all in his power to make your stay a pleasant and enjoyable one.”

Motoring in Japan, by Bob Frew, 1955

Dining room, Miyako Hotel, c. 1920.

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