“Tokyo Reinanzaka Kyokai vue de Hikawacho”, Tornomon, Tokyo, 1934.

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Tokyo Reinanzaka Kyokai vue de Hikawacho, 1934.

“Tokyo Reinanzaka Kyokai vue de Hikawacho” [trans. “Tokyo Reinanzaka Kyokai seen from Hikawacho”], 1934. In 1883 Christians of various denominations in Tokyo united to form the Reinanzaka Church, the first Kumi-ai (Congregational) body to be organized in Tokyo. Though the original church was destroyed in the 1923 Great Kanto earthquake, Reinanzaka Church is still located in the Hikawacho neighborhood of Toronamon — near the Hotel Okura.

“An elder and about ten members of the Shinsakae-bashi Presbyterian Church in Tokyo withdrew from it in 1875, and formed themselves into an independent body to which they gave the name ‘Japan Church.’ According to the historian of the Church of Christ in Japan (Presbyterian) : ‘The motive of organising this new church consisted in enforcing an extreme anti-foreign principle of independence, because all the churches at those times were under the assistance of foreign churches and missionaries, who had naturally a great influence in those churches.'”
A History of Christianity in Japan: Protestant Missions, Otis Cary, 1909.

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