The Military Academy (Shikwan Gakko), Ichigaya, Tokyo, c. 1920.

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The Military Academy (Shikwan Gakko), Tokyo, c. 1920, at Ichigaya.

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Central Military Preparatory School, c. 1910.
The Headquarter Staff, Tokyo, c. 1910.

“In all military nations, and in Japan particularly, the army is a school of the highest quality in which the habits of discipline and self-respect are formed and the principles of honor and patriotism are taught. In the public schools there is a military color given to the conduct and to the sports of the students which prepares them for their military service.

Map: Government ministries ca. 1905. The Military Academy is labeled “War College” (upper left) on this map.

“Bushido is taught, and Honor occupies the first place in the list of studies … The military educational system is based on the German ‘A’ schools for the preparation of candidates for the grade of officer are of two kinds: Cadet Schools (Chuo Yonen Gakko), which prepare for the ensign (Shikwan Kohosei) examination, and the War School (Skikwan Gakko), which prepares [candidates] for the officers’ examination.

“Shikwan Gakko at Tokyo corresponds to the war schools of many other countries, and receives the ensigns for one year. It is commanded by a major general, assisted by 104 officers, and accommodates about 720 students, divided into six sections according to whether the cadets are to enter the cavalry, field artillery, infantry, engineers, heavy artillery, or train. Upon graduating, their candidacy is passed upon by the officers of their regiments, and if the result is favorable they are commissioned as officers by the Emperor.”

A Cyclopedia of Education, Volume 4, edited by Paul Monroe, 1918

The Shikwan Gakko at Ichigaya in the distance, c. 1910, from Yotsuya-mitsuke, c. 1910.

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