“Recreation Ground”, Kobe, c. 1930.

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The cricket field at the “Recreation Ground”, Kobe, c. 1930.

“[In 1858 the Treaty of Amity and Commerce opened the Hyōgo (Kobe) Port to foreigners.] The foreign settlement at Kobe quickly became home to many British residents, including many lovers of their country’s national sport. The Hyōgo Cricket Club was founded on January 19, 1870, around the main members of a team of foreign residents that had played a game on October 16 of the previous year against a British army team.

“The club changed its name in 1871 to the Kobe Cricket Club (KCC). For a long time, the KCC was unable to secure enough members or playing ground to undertake any conspicuous activity, but after May 1877, when the future Higashi Yūenchi park was completed, the club became quite active, playing games in the park seemingly every week. Beginning in 1893, the club also played games of baseball. The KCC continued to operate until World War II.”


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