Manyasuro Restaurant (Tea House), Kyobashi, c. 1900.

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Manyasuro Restaurant, Kyobashi, c. 1900.

Overlooking the elaborate garden at Manyasuro Restaurant, Kyobashi, c. 1900.

Kobikicho district (in yellow) within Kyobashi Ward, Tokyo, c. 1910. The Manyasuro restaurant was located somewhere within the district.

Not much, if anything, can be found online about this elaborate tea-house/restaurant except that it was located (according to the postcard captions) alongside one of the Meiji-era canals in the Kobikicho district of Kyobashi ward, near the Kabukiza theater. Manyasuro translates to “Ten-thousand frivolous towers”, so I can only speculate that the grounds and buildings were a Tokugawa period daimyo (provincial lord) residence before being opened to the public as a Japanese restaurant (万安樓, kappouten) sometime after the Restoration in 1868.

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