Manyasuro Restaurant (Tea House), Kyobashi, c. 1900.

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Manyasuro Restaurant, Kyobashi, c. 1900.

Overlooking the elaborate garden at Manyasuro Restaurant, Kyobashi, c. 1900.

Not much, if anything, can be found online about this elaborate tea-house/restaurant except that it was located (according to the postcard captions) alongside one of the Meiji-era canals in the Kobikicho district of Kyobashi ward, near the Kabukiza theater. Manyasuro translates to “Ten-thousand frivolous towers”, so I can only speculate that the grounds and buildings were a Tokugawa period daimyo (provincial lord) residence before being opened to the public as a Japanese restaurant (万安樓, kappouten) sometime after the Restoration in 1868.

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