Mampei Hotel, Karuizawa, c. 1940.

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Mampei Hotel, Karuizawa, c. 1940. The hotel was located north of the modern Karuizawa Station – at Kyu-Karuizawa, the former post town, where the building had first been used to accommodate travelers on the feudal Nakasendo highway beginning in 1764 as the ryokan Kameya.

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“Mampei Hotel traces its origins to the Kameya Inn, founded in 1764 to accommodate travelers passing through Karuizawa [on the Nakasendo highway]. In 1894, inspired by the patronage of Canadian missionaries, Mampei Sato transformed the hostelry into Karuizawa’s first Western-style hotel.

“Through his experience with overseas guests, Mampei learned that warm hospitality and dedicated service transcended language barriers. To this day the classic hotel lives by its founder’s credo: ‘Hospitality, from the heart, is what makes a truly great hotel.'”

Mampei Hotel website

Map: Karuizawa and Kyu-Karuizawa, ca. 1940, showing the location of the Mampei Hotel.

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