Mikasa Hotel, Karuizawa, c. 1920.

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Mikasa Hotel, Karuizawa, c. 1910.

Mikasa Hotel, Karuizawa, c. 1910. The hotel (its roof and short tower can be seen lower-left) was built entirely of wood but purely Western in design. Designed by Okada Tokijiro, an American-educated architect who was also responsible for the Bank of Japan (in Nihonbashi, Tokyo), it opened in 1906. Deemed an Important Cultural Property, the former hotel is now operated as a museum. It remains as the only wooden Western-style hotel in Japan still standing from the Meiji Period.

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Perfect Accommodation – Excellent Cuisine – Charges Moderate

“[The Mikasa Hotel] is finely situated at Karuizawa 3,278 feet above sea level. It commands wonderful panoramic views of the surrounding hills and the famous volcano Asnma, and is only 20 minutes ride from Karuizawa Railway Station. It is the most comfortable hotel in the East.

“It contains many well-furnished Bed and Sitting rooms, Bar room, Dining room, Billiard room with English American and French tables, Drawing room, Reading room, Smoking room, Dark room, Bath room with needle and Shower bath, Hot spring, Swimming bath (100 ft. long, 42 ft. wide and 12 ft. deep), Tennis court, and Porcelain kiln, where ‘Mikasa-yaki’ is made of Asama volcanic sand, Acetillin light, and etc.”

A Guide-book for Tourists in Japan, by Kihin Kai [The Welcome Society], 1906

Map: Karuizawa and the Mikasa Hotel. The hotel (circled in red) and Kose Hot Springs are located due north of Karuizawa-machi and Karuizawa Station at lower-right. (From “Japan: The Official Guide”, 1941.)

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