Imperial Railway General Office, Tokyo, c. 1920.

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Imperial Railway General Office, Tokyo, c. 1920.

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Tokaido Main Line, c. 1910.
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“The prospective traveler can be assured of splendid service in his voyage across the Pacific and a warm welcome awaits the stranger when he lands in any of the great cities of Nippon. He will also be visibly impressed with the remarkably fine shops and hotels, the well-built and operated railroads, the facility with which tourists are shown the interesting sights and the ease with which he falls in with the customs of the country and begins to absorb the true spirit of the Orient.

“… From Yokohama and Tokyo many delightful side trips can be taken, but affording special facilities to foreign tourists, the Japan Tourist Bureau might well be visited. The head office is in the Imperial Government Railway Building at Tokyo and its cable address is ‘Tourist, Tokyo’. It has inquiry offices in Yokohama, Kobe, Shimonoseki and Nagasaki.”

“To and Through the Empire of Japan”, Railway and Marine News, Vol. 15, No. 12, December 1917

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