Naraya Hotel (Ryokan), Hakone, c. 1910.

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Naraya Hotel (Ryokan), Hakone, c. 1910. The ryokan was located across the road from the Miyanoshita Fujiya Hotel.

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“The Nara-ya was first built about the time of the fifth Tokugawa shogun, Tsunayoshi (1646-1709). It started life as a honjin – an inn designated for the daimyo nobility traveling on the Old Tokaido Highway. In 1873, the Meiji emperor (1852-1912) stayed there while his villa was under repair, and members of the imperial household used it frequently in 1896.

“The original Nara-ya was burned down in 1876, and again in 1885. It once had a Western-style hall so unusual that it was recorded in a book called The Most Famous Places of Japan, but the hall too fell prey to fire in 1889.

“Although most of the buildings at Nara-ya now date back only to the turn of the century, they have many spectacular architectural features. Intricately carved gables in the bathroom of the honkan have a playfulness of design that you cannot find in modern architecture.”

Classic Japanese Inns & Country Getaways, by Margaret Price, 1999

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