Yokohama Station (1915-1923).

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“On August 15, 1915, the second Yokohama Station opened close to the present day Takashimachō Station to allow Tōkaidō Main Line trains to call at Yokohama Station. The original Yokohama Station was renamed Sakuragichō Station. JR East uses this date as the opening date of the current Yokohama Station.

“On 1 September 1923, the station was destroyed by fire in the 1923 Great Kanto earthquake.”


Yokohama Station, c. 1915.

Yokohama Station, c. 1915.

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Sakuragicho (Yokohama) Station, c. 1910

“‘We must go to an open area,’ Shigeo Tsuchiya’s grandmother said. Tsuchiya, his grandparents, and his younger sister set off from their street, Odori, toward Yokohama Station, a brick and stone, double-winged edifice with a wide dirt plaza in front, located one mile north.

“They treaded carefully around tiles, electrical wires, planks of wood, and fissures in the earth. The neighborhood through which they walked had been paddy fields before the Meiji era, drained and reclaimed using hard-packed earth and stones, and had absorbed the full force of the seismic waves; Tsuchiya felt he might as well be walking on the moon.

“In the plaza before the damaged station, Tsuchiya picked his parents out of the crowd, and after an emotional reunion, they heard reports that fires were bearing down on the station. At one o’clock they decided to move again.”

Yokohama Burning: The Deadly 1923 Earthquake and Fire that Helped Forge the Path to World War II, by Joshua Hammer, 2006

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