“View of Gora Spa”, Miyanoshita, Hakone, c. 1955.

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“View of Gora spa”, Hakone, c. 1955, with the multi-story Gohra Hotel at center. The reverse side caption states: “Gora Spa, at an altitude of 1,813 ft to 2,322 ft., is favored with natural advantages which should make the spa the very center of Hakone. The mineral water used at the spa comes continuously from Owakidani Springs.”

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The Gohra Hotel was built in 1939, designed by architect Shigeoka Kiichi. Requisitioned by Allied forces during the Occupation of Japan (1945-1952) the Gohra served as a retreat for U.S. Forces Japan from 1945-1973, until it was returned to its original owners. Located in the village of Gora in Hakone National Park, Hakone Gohra Hotel continues to operate as a premier resort after nearly eight decades.

Gohra Hotel luggage label, c. 1955.

It was one of many R&R retreats that Special Services of the Japan Logistical Command (a subordinate command of GHQ Far East Command) operated during the Occupation for the benefit of U.S. personnel and dependents. After the Occupation ended and the Japan Logistical Command was disbanded, responsibilities for R&R were assigned to the U.S. Army Forces, Far East. which continued to operate the hotel until 1973 when the Gohra was returned to civilian Japanese ownership.

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