Tofukuji Bridge, Kyoto, c. 1910.

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Tofukuji Bridge, Kyoto, c. 1910.

“Tofukuji, one of the chief monasteries of the Zen sect, was founded by Shoichi Kokushi in the 13th century. It is noted for the maple trees lining both sides of a gully which is spanned by a bridge or gallery called Tsu-ten-kyo, that is ‘the bridge communicating with heaven.’ This gallery and a tower in the roof give to Tofukuji an original and striking appearance.

“Of the formerly very extensive buildings only a few now remain. The temple contains some good wooden images and a number of kakemonos of the .Five Hundred Rakan. by the famous artist Cho Densu, who spent several years here as an acolyte. But its greatest treasure is a huge kakemono by the same artist of ‘Shaka’s Entry into Nirvana’ (Nehanzo), 24 ft. by 48 ft. It is dated 1408, when the artist was 50 years old.”

A Handbook for Travellers in Japan, by Basil Hall Chamberlain & W. B. Mason, 1899

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