Royal Carriage Departure, Tokyo Station, 1924.

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Royal Wedding, January 27, 1924

The royal train carriage departing Tokyo Station on January 27, 1924 (Taisho 13) for Okinajima and the palace of Hirohito’s uncle, Prince Takamatsu, where the Emperor and new Empress went to spend their honeymoon.

“In 1924, Hirohito, still a regent, married Kuni-no-miya Nagako, daughter of a collateral house of the imperial family. As was appropriate at the time, the marriage between Hirohito and Nagako was arranged by formal introduction rather than being a ‘love match’. Emperor Hirohito made one important break with custom regarding married life, however: the concubine system was abolished. Hirohito, with his commitment to monogamy, did not miss the ladies-in-waiting.

“… Even when his advisors, after Nagako had given birth to four daughters but no son several years into their union, urged him to make use of the concubines to produce an heir to the throne, Hirohito refused. Nagako gave birth to Akihito, the heir, on 23 December 1933.”

The People’s Emperor: Democracy and the Japanese Monarchy, 1945-1995, by Kenneth J. Ruoff, 2001

“Commemorating Crown Prince Hirohito’s wedding & the 50th anniversary of Japan’s participation in international expositions”, 1924.

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