“Fuji mountain from Suzukawa”, 1906.

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“Fuji mountain from Suzukawa”, 1906. Suzukawa was located along the Tokaido, in the Yoshiwara district of Shizukoka Prefecture, which connected the imperial capital at Kyoto with the bakufu administrative capital at Edo during the Tokugawa era. This section of the Tokaido was lined with pine trees running through rice fields (as depicted in a Hiroshige ukiyo-e), defining not only the road but providing shade and shelter for travelers.

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Suzukawa [has] that the nearest and most perfect view of Fuji. Nowhere else does the ‘Peer-less Mountain’ so absolutely dominate its surroundings. The beauty of the stretch of shore from here to the mouth of the Fujikawa, called Tago-no-ura, has been sung by a hundred Japanese poets.”

A Handbook for Travellers in Japan, by Basil Hall Chamberlain & W.B. Mason, 1907

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