M.S. Chitose Maru, c. 1930.

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“Loading of on [sic] the ice at Karafuto” (Sakhalin Island), the ice-breaker Chitose-maru, c. 1930.

From the wiki: “Chitose Maru was launched as an ice-breaker on April 28, 1921 at Yokohama Yard Dock Co. Ltd., under the ownership of Kinkai Yusek K.K. (KYK). In 1938, the vessel was renamed Kitose Maru, and sailed under the NYK flag. In 1941, the ship was taken over by the Imperial Japanese Navy.

“After the war, the ship was returned to civilian service. It was originally used to repatriate the Japanese population from southern Sakhalin, an territory occupied by the Soviet Union, and several other islands of the Kuril Archipelago. In 1959 it became the property of Okada Gumi KK , which operated it as a rescue ship. In 1962, Chitose Maru was scrapped in Osaka.”

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