S.S. Manchuria (Pacific Mail Steamship Co.), c. 1910.

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“On Board S.S. ‘Manchuria’,” c. 1910, under Pacific Mail Steamship Co. livery, with an inset illustration of Mt. Fuji, Japan, and steel-tank swimming pool.
Pacific Mail Steamship Co. was founded in 1848, during the California Gold Rush, and became a key mover of goods and people to the West Coast and in the growth of San Francisco and the surrounding area. S.S. Manchuria was launched in 1903 for the San Francisco-based trans-Pacific company. At the time of construction, the Manchuria, along with its sister ship, the Mongolia, were the two largest passenger ships constructed in the United States, and was launched with 346 first-class, 66 second-class and 1,300 steerage passenger capacity.
First-class passengers had quarters amidship on the bridge deck and shelter decks with access to a saloon lit by skylight, and a steel-tank swimming pool was added on top of the after deck house.

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The Hupmobile World’s Tour
“After having covered close to 4,000 miles of United States soil and having completed the first and worst lap of its 40,000-mile journey, the Hupmobile world touring car and its crew sailed from San Francisco, December 13, for Honolulu.

“. . . Thirty-five days after leaving Detroit the car pulled triumphantly into Los Angeles at the head of long escorting procession. It was received with acclaim in the sunny California metropolis and efforts were made to persuade the tourists to stay over the automobile show this week.

“To delay sailing from ‘Frisco, however, would have meant a long wait for another boat, so the tourists hurried on to the Golden Gate city, loaded their sturdy car aboard the Manchuria and headed across the Pacific according to schedule.”
Michigan Manufacturer & Financial Record, Volume 6, Issue 11, January 14, 1910

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