Yedogawa, Tokyo, c. 1910.

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Cherry Blossoms Yedogawa, c. 1910.

Cherry Blossoms Yedogawa, c. 1910.

“The Edogawa, a canal in the Koshikawa quarter, near the arsenal, is a mile of double blossoms doubled in beauty by reflection, and boats up and down this lane of flowers as the most beautiful of all cherry-blossom effects.”

The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine, Volume 79, “The Cherry Blossoms of Japan”, Eliza Ruhamah Scidmore, 1910

Edogawa, c. 1910.

From the wiki: “During the Meiji era, the banks of the Edogawa (now, Kanda River) north of Iidabashi between Ishikiri bridge and Ryūkei bridge were considered to be one of the best O-hanami [cherry blossom viewing] sites in Tokyo. Other nearby place names derived from ‘Edogawa’ disappeared by 1966 but some remain, including Edogawa-bashi [Edo River bridge] and Edogawa Park. The canal has as its source two small lakes north of Ogikubo in suburban west Tokyo at Zenpukuji-koen [park] and Ichikishima shrine, and is named ‘Zenpukuji-gawa’ as the water winds its way east before being renamed ‘Kanda-gawa’ near Nakano, before entering the main stream of the Kanda River (canal) at Iidabashi.”

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