Yamato Hotel, Hoshigaura (Star Beach), Dairen, Manchuria, c. 1920.

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Yamato Hotel, Star Beach, Port Arthur, c. 1920.

Yamato Hotel, Hoshigaura (Star Beach), Dairen, c. 1920.

“In order that European and American travelers in Manchuria might have ‘all the comforts of home,’ the South Manchuria Railway planned a system of modern hotels from Dairen to Changchun, which have been built and operated without thought of profit. In addition to building these new hotels, the company has given financial aid to other hotel owners to encourage the operation of high-class establishments along the line of the railway.

“The Yamato Hotels The South Manchuria Railway hotels in the cities of Dairen, Port Arthur Mukden and Changchun, and at Hoshigaura (Star Beach) are known as the Yamato Hotels.

“… By far Star Beach the most popular summer resort in North China … Surrounded by hills on three sides and opening to sea on the south, the beach is warm in winter and cool in summer. Formerly it was a mere stretch of beautiful sand beach and Kaoliang fields, but
the South Manchuria Railway Company made it a suburban park and resort, building a hotel and summer cottages, and laying a nine-hole golf link. It is the playground of the citizens of Dairen all the year round, and the summer resort for the foreign residents in North China..”

Manchuria, Land of Opportunities, South Manchuria Railway Co., 1922

Yamato Hotel, Hoshigaura (Star Beach), Dairen, c. 1930.

“Another afternoon’s outing is to Hoshigaura, situated on the seashore about five miles to the south-west of Dairen, where the sea is more open than at Ro-ko-tum, and the beach one of the finest in the neighbourhood.

“Approached by a good country road, it is the fashionable resort during the summer, and the Government have recently erected a number of pretty villas for the use of European visitors. The salt air of this place will be found very bracing.”

Cook’s handbook for tourists to Peking, Tientsin, Shan-Hai-Kwan, Mukden, Dairen, Port Arthur and Keijyo (Seoul), Thomas Cook & Son, 1913

Yamato Hotel, Star Beach, Manchuria, c. 1920.

“Bird’s eye view of Hoshigaura (Star Beach),” Dairen, Manchuria, c. 1920.

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