Fuji-View Hotel, Hakone, c. 1950.

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Aerial view, Fuji-View Hotel, Lake Kawaguchi, c. 1955.

“Bird’s eye view of Fuji-View Hotel on Lake Kawaguchi,” c. 1955.

“One of the most beautiful hotels I have ever seen [during the Occupation] was the Fuji View Hotel at the base of Mount Fuji. It was built of wood and every room had a splendid view of either Mount Fuji or Lake Kawaguchi in the valley below.

“In autumn the scenery was simply breath-taking. By then, Mount Fuji had its first capping of snow. And as clouds formed in the afternoon and passed over the mountain, they created a slowly moving pattern of light and shadow that was almost hypnotic to watch. Autumn came early in the high country, and with it came the first frost that brought out the brilliant red and yellow hues of the Japanese maples and other hardwood trees.

“The Fuji View Hotel was justly famous, and in the years before the war it catered almost exclusively to an international clientele of wealthy tourists … The Fuji View was both a beautiful reminder of what Japan had been before the war, and a welcome escape from the rubble of [post-war] Tokyo.”

Let Slip the Dogs of War, by John W. Connor, 2008

Cherry blossoms and relaxing guests at the Fuji-View Hotel, Hakone, c. 1955.

“The hotel offers unrestricted panoramas of the majestic shape of Mt.Fuji from its front.

“The Fuji View Hotel’s extensive 100,000m² [25 acres] garden provides very different surroundings at each time of year, allowing you to enjoy the changing seasons in Japan.

“In spring, more than 300 cherry trees bloom, providing views of Mt.Fuji rising behind a sea of blossoms.”

Fuji View Hotel (official web site)

The Grand Lobby, Fuji View Hotel, Hakone, c. 1950.

The Grand Lobby, Fuji-View Hotel, Hakone, c. 1950.

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