Changing fashion (“Shampoo Coiffure”), c. 1910.

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Bijin (pretty girl) posting with Western coiffure, c. 1910.

Bijin (pretty girl) posing with Western-style “shampoo coiffure”, c. 1910.

“The inroads of the Western barber were far more rapid than those of the Western tailor. Liberated Meiji women went in for a pompadour known as ‘eaves’, from its way of projecting outwards in a sheltering sweep. A few geisha and courtesans adopted Western dress from mid-Meiji, and several wore what became known as the ‘shampoo coiffure’, from its resemblance to hair let down for washing and not put back up again.”

Low City, High City: Tokyo from Edo to the Earthquake, Edward Seidensticker, 1982

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