Central Military Preparatory School, c. 1910.

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Central Military Preparatory School, Tokyo, c. 1910.

“The Central Military Preparatory School was in Tokyo, but at that time there was a district cadet school at each of the six army division headquarters. The central school taught the main curriculum while the district schools taught preliminary courses … After having the military spirit instilled in them at the district school for three years, all students went on the central school in Tokyo.

“… The third-year students were extremely hard on the students in the class immediately below theirs – that is, the second-year students – but were kind to the first-year students. After I became a member of their group, these veterans made me one of their favorite ‘companions’ – perhaps even more favored than others. If you were a ‘companion’ of these veterans, you could get away with anything, no matter how wrong. Smoking, for instance, was a guardhouse offense if you were caught. But they had a special place where it was safe.”

The Autobiography of Osugi Sakae, Sakae Osugi, translated 1992

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