Central Military Preparatory School, c. 1910.

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“The Military Academy, together with the Military Preparatory School, occupies an elevation contiguous to that where the Hachiman Shrine above mentioned stands and is the only institution in Japan where military cadets are educated. The school is on the site formerly occupied by a mansion of the House of Owari, the grounds standing about 100 ft. above the level of the sea.”

An Official Guide to Eastern Asia, Vol. III. by The Imperial Japanese Government Railways, 1914

Central Military Preparatory School, Tokyo, c. 1910.

“The Central Military Preparatory School was in Tokyo, but at that time there was a district cadet school at each of the six army division headquarters. The central school taught the main curriculum while the district schools taught preliminary courses … After having the military spirit instilled in them at the district school for three years, all students went on the central school in Tokyo.

“… The third-year students were extremely hard on the students in the class immediately below theirs – that is, the second-year students – but were kind to the first-year students. After I became a member of their group, these veterans made me one of their favorite ‘companions’ – perhaps even more favored than others. If you were a ‘companion’ of these veterans, you could get away with anything, no matter how wrong. Smoking, for instance, was a guardhouse offense if you were caught. But they had a special place where it was safe.”

The Autobiography of Osugi Sakae, Sakae Osugi, translated 1992

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